September 17, 2014

How To Beat The Financial Crisis

Posted on October 7, 2008 by in Finance, How To

The financial world is in crisis. There has to be ways to deal with it, after all no matter how many bullets fly in a war, there is always someone who survives. That someone has to be you in this War Of The Finances.

Everyone is trying to scare the living daylights out of us. Banks want you to put your money in a savings account so they can make themselves secure, promising you that extra % of interest. But at the same time they put up the interest rates, which will put even more pressure on you through your mortgages.

Some people say the banks are not going to give you loans to get a new car, buy a house, or extend a business. They are locking us in, so as to look after themselves and make us pay for their past foolishness.

Make up your mind to be a survivor in this Financial War. Fight back and keep going. Remember self doubt leads to failure. It’s time for positive thinking, not accepting the doom and gloom being spouted by people like the Lord Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. He may have done some great things for New York, like school reform and tighter gun control, but it’s easy for him to spout off, from his 30billion dollar ivory tower, as the 8th richest man in the world. It’s you, the ordinary person, who will wear the brunt of what is happening in the financial crisis. Don’t give up. Make the most of what ever you have and you too will come out the other side of this crisis a winner.

This could be you living on the tropical island of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific – Exotic flowers, lobster, french bread. No taxes. No mortgage!

Tropical Island Living

And of course there’s Leo the Lion and a turtle or two. It’s a really great way of life!

Rick (Rick just doesn’t like having his photo taken. Here’s a much nicer photo of him.)

We moved to Vanuatu and love the people, the way of life and of course the weather.There’s room to develop – a luxury in most developed countries. There are Blue Moon Opportunities (ones that will totally change your life) readily available, if you have the courage to accept the challenge. Don’t settle for the mediocre – stretch for the impossible.

Not too many around us thought it was a great idea at the time we decided to move. Most said, “Why Vanuatu?” Our answer. “Why not?” It’s the best decision we ever made and we’re in our mid 60′s.

Don’t be afraid to look outside the box in these days of crisis. There are other things that are worth giving a try. A lot of people will say you’re crazy. So what? It’s crazy to take everything lying down.

You have strengths you haven’t even begun to tap yet. When things get tough, the tough get going. Would love to hear from you if you have some crazy idea that could help you get out of the hole you’re  in. Self doubt kills more people than anything else.

You can contact us on email: or simply add a comment. Share your idea with others, to encourage them to walk through this financial crisis, no matter how long it lasts for.

Check out our latest challenge at win a resort. You might just find it a little Ray of Sunshine.

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